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Vroom appears on A Clockwork Orange [no number]

Vroom appears on Analog Bubble Bath #3

Vroom appears on Awesome/Elite #15

Vroom appears on Blues Brothers #9

Vroom appears on Cobra #17

Vroom appears on Conan Doc #2

Vroom appears on Crime #8A

Vroom appears on Criminals In Disguise #18

Vroom appears on Fuzion #93

Vroom (French doc) appears on Fuzion #93

Vroom appears on Lowlife #51

Vroom appears on Northside #7

Vroom appears on Now 5 #21

Vroom appears on The Cheshire Cats #64

Vroom appears on The Lemmings #3 - version 1

Vroom (doc) appears on The Lemmings #4 - version 1

Vroom appears on The SyndiCate Delicious Disk #42

Vroom appears on The World's Picture Collection #63

Vroom appears on Zuul #168